Instagram: How to Make Money

Instagram: How to Make Money

Instagram has many ways to make extra money with your income in today’s increasingly digital environment, and if you’re lucky enough, you might even be able to turn a passion or pastime into a full-time career.

If done properly, anything from blogging to creating webcomics can make you a fortune even Instagram posting.

It’s true what you just read. Even merely submitting your photos to Instagram might bring in money. It might sound strange, but all it takes is establishing your specialty and doing a good job of promoting it.

So, could your Instagram postings bring in money?

Even though you’re not likely to achieve the peaks of the highest-paid Instagram stars in the world (unless you have immediate plans to get into the Hollywood A-list), you may still monetize your Instagram feed with some advance planning.

Instagram’s sponsored posts, where brands and companies pay a user to promote their product through a paid-for post, account for almost all of the money the platform makes.

How then may you share in that action?Let’s examine some practical advice for making money from your Instagram posts.

It should go without saying, but sponsors will only take you seriously if you have a large followers. However, how big is big?

Even while the biggest and highest-paid artists have 1 million or more followers, it’s not a must to be successful and earn money. Our next reason is made possible by the recent growth of micro-influencers, which are tiny accounts with fewer than 20k followers.

Although having followers is important, your followers’ engagement, or the number of people who read your posts and click the links, is even greater.

If you just have 20k followers but have a 5% interaction rate, brands and businesses may find you extremely appealing.

Compared to an account with a million followers but just 1% engagement, they would spend less on advertising and receive a higher percentage of return.

If you have a clearly defined, devoted, and distinctive fan base, businesses will be even more intrigued.

How can you obtain these fans, though?

You need to…

Find Your Niche

Approximately 500 million people use Instagram every day, according to Instagram figures. Is there a reason for any of them to check your account?

Stand out from the crowd. Make sure you take time to think about what you post on your profile.

Make your profile picture pop by choosing one that encapsulates your channel. You should write a bio that summarizes who you are and what you do.

Emojis are a great addition to your bio, so why not use some? A well-placed airplane emoji tells a thousand words more effectively than writing “I fly around the world”.

The next step is to think about what your channel is supposed to accomplish. Do you have any cooking tips? Are you looking for travel advice?

Do you offer yoga instruction? Is there anything that makes you stand out from everyone else who posts stuff like you? Despite being familiar enough to people, you must have something that sets you apart from everyone else.

A simple example would be posting pictures only of floors or doors, or an open attitude to health and travel.

It’s important to be consistent after you’ve found your niche. You shouldn’t suddenly switch from posting pictures of doors to cats – your users will wonder what’s up.

A consistent source of great content is a great way for businesses to find you if they want to give money to reliable accounts.

#hastags #hashtags #hashtags

People either overlook hashtags, or do them badly – #blessed #lit #justsaying – hashtags can help you grow your fan base and connect you with businesses and brands when used correctly.

With the five dot trick, you can hide those unsightly #tags, while still including as many as you like. You can reach as many people as possible by doing this.

Don’t be afraid to mix things up – add ten general tags, five to connect with other accounts, five to describe where the picture is, and five to describe the picture itself. Try to be creative, but don’t go over the top, #k?

Be consistent and patient. Once you start connecting with more followers and fans, eventually businesses will start contacting you, and you might be one of the lucky people to get paid just for posting pictures. Good luck!

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